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August 27, 2015


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Pat Murray



Maryland Democratic Party Statement on Chris Christie’s Annapolis Fundraiser


Annapolis, MD – Maryland Democratic Party Executive Director Pat Murray released the following statement in response to Governor Larry Hogan’s fundraiser to benefit GOP Presidential candidate New Jersey Governor Chris Christie:


“Larry Hogan has followed Chris Christie’s lead every day for the past eight months. He took a page out of the Christie playbook when he shortchanged Maryland schools by $68 million and disinvested in mass transit.[1] What’s next? Will Larry Hogan lay off thousands of state employees, like Christie?[2] Will he push to curb a woman’s access to reproductive health care by defunding Planned Parenthood, like Christie?[3] Will he run the state’s credit rating into the ground, like Christie?[4] So far, it seems Christie’s record in New Jersey is a preview of coming attractions for Larry Hogan’s legislative agenda. With Chris Christie sinking in the polls and headed for the kid’s table in the next presidential debate,[5] Larry Hogan should spend less time dabbling in national politics and more time developing his own solutions for Maryland families.”


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Friday Round-up 8/21/15

On August 21, 2015, in Blog, by MDDems
Message from the Chair
Republicans say the darndest things.
Larry Hogan’s Secretary of Housing and Community Development said the State should roll back laws that protect victims of lead poisoning, under the ridiculous theory that mothers poison their children to receive public benefits. Democrats pushed back on the Secretary and called for his resignation.
The national debate took an equally absurd turn this week, as Donald Trump declared the Fourteenth Amendment – which guarantees citizenship to all people born or naturalized in the United States – unconstitutional. Democrats are fighting to protect the constitutional rights of all Americans, while Republicans are turning their back on the Constitution.
Thank you for all that you do to keep our Party great!
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D. Bruce Poole
30 delegates call on Md. housing chief to resign over lead remarks. Calling DHCD Secretary Ken Holt’s comments “incredibly offensive and insensitive to the plight of mothers of children with lead poisoning,” House Democrats called for his ouster this week.
A Red Card for Ken Holt. Calling Ken Holt’s comments “a major foul,” State House observer Laslo Boyd concludes that Holt “needs to get off of the field.  If he doesn’t do that voluntarily, Hogan should escort him to the sidelines.”
Maryland Housing Chief’s Remarks Reveal Questionable Judgment. Delegate Terri Hill concludes that the major issue, which Ken Holt’s “apology does not assuage, is about his biased and careless approach to decision making.”
Trump Throws Constitution and Fourteenth Amendment Under the Bus. Rick Ungar breaks down the GOP’s constitutional reinterpretation fad, concluding: “The Constitution is not supposed to be some tool to be messed with when it makes for useful rhetoric in a political campaign. And if you are a Republican, you should be among the very first to agree.”



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Friday round-up 8/14/15

On August 14, 2015, in Blog, by MDDems
Message from the Chair
When President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act into law eighty years ago, he declared it would give “protection to the average citizen and to his family against the loss of a job and against poverty-ridden old age.” At the time, GOP Presidential candidate Alf Landon called it “a fraud on the workingman.” Some things never change. Today, Democrats are fighting to protect Social Security as a strong foundation for retirement for nearly every American, while GOP presidential candidates are trying to tear it down.
The Governor’s transportation troubles continue. Seven weeks ago, Larry Hogan took funds for mass transit in densely populated areas and diverted them to road projects in lightly populated communities. He did it with no Plan B. Democrats are demanding accountability and a plan. The Governor’s answer? More spin.
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D. Bruce Poole
There is No Plan B. Barry Rascovar summarizes Hogan’s transportation troubles: “The sad truth is that there never was a Plan B… That’s why there are zero plans coming from the governor’s office to bolster the Baltimore area’s sad excuse for rapid transit.”
U.S. Lawmakers Press Hogan for City Transit Funding. Senators Mikulski and Cardin and Representatives Cummings, Ruppersberger and Sarbanes push Governor Hogan for a concrete plan for Baltimore area transit.
Red Line Math. The Baltimore Sun’s editorial board takes Larry Hogan to task for politicizing math, concluding: “If the Hogan administration is going to accuse people of purposely attempting to “muddy the waters”… it should look in the mirror.”
Shoppers Take Advantage of Tax Free Shopping Week. Brought to you by a Democratic Governor and Democrats in the Maryland General Assembly, tax free shopping week wraps up tomorrow.
Policy Basics: Top Ten Facts About Social Security. On the 80th anniversary of Social Security – one of the nation’s most successful, effective and popular programs – the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities offers important insight into the program.

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