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Message from the Chair

It was a lousy week for Maryland Republicans.


First, a pair of Frederick County lawmakers called on Larry Hogan to defund Planned Parenthood. State House Democrats fought back, calling on Hogan to condemn fringe tactics and commit to funding Planned Parenthood. Through a spokesman, Hogan waffled on women’s health and declined to take a position.


Then, Hogan’s hand-picked election chief admitted to a secret meeting with Republican officials. The result? The GOP-led Montgomery County election board made it harder for minority and low income voters to reach early voting sites. Shady at best, a violation of the Open Meetings Act at worst – and proof that the Maryland GOP is following the national party’s voter suppression playbook.


And, this morning, the Frederick News-Post called on Hogan to release $68 million in school funding that he continues to hold hostage. The editorial board is right: “Ensuring that education funds are restored should be the most critical priority of all. The state’s future economy quite literally depends on it.”


Thank you for all that you do to keep our Party great!


Until next week,

Bruce Poole



Lawmakers Pressure Hogan on Planned Parenthood Funding. Hogan declined Tuesday to take a position on whether state tax dollars should be given to Planned Parenthood as he faced mounting pressure from both sides of the aisle to make a decision.


Montgomery Co. board of elections accused of voter suppression, ‘secret phone calls’. Under pressure, Hogan’s hand-picked election chief conceded to a secret meeting with GOP officials, which resulted in a decision to move early voting centers away from population centers.


Hogan Should Release GCEI Money. The Frederick News-Post’s ed board says Hogan is “trying to paint himself a fiscal conservative and play a little politics, all along knowing that the clock’s ticking,” and asks: “why not release the funds now?”


Maryland’s Record Tax Refund. The Baltimore Sun’s ed board points out that Hogan “had absolutely nothing to do with” the tax refund he announced this week, and “that it’s not costing the state a dime; and that it merely affirmed what Maryland’s highest court ruled in 2013 long before Mr. Hogan even ran for office.”


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September 29, 2015

The Honorable Lawrence J. Hogan


100 State Circle

Annapolis, Maryland 21401


Dear Governor Hogan:

Your office has said repeatedly that you are eager to put partisanship aside and get things done.

We are watching the Republican-controlled Congress take the federal government to the brink of a shutdown over federal funding of Planned Parenthood, and we are concerned that General Assembly Republicans have drawn inspiration from the dysfunction your office so often condemns.

Please take a public stand against these fringe tactics and commit now to funding Planned Parenthood in your FY2017 budget.

The Frederick News-Post recently reported that certain Frederick County lawmakers want to eliminate State reimbursement for the critical public health services provided by Planned Parenthood. These legislators are embracing the approach of Capitol Hill Republicans who put partisanship ahead of getting things done for our country. As Governor, you can stop this dysfunction by condemning their approach and committing to funding Planned Parenthood.

According to the Department of Budget & Management’s Funding Transparency & Accountability website, the State of Maryland made payments totaling $2.6 million to Planned Parenthood of Maryland, Inc. in FY2014. These payments were made primarily by the Department of Health & Mental Hygiene to support community-based health care, including life-saving cancer screenings, family planning services, and other cost-saving preventative health care services that strengthened the health of Maryland women, girls and the overall condition of our communities.

These services are not controversial, and it would be extremely disappointing for you to allow the radical fringe of your own Party to try to score political points at the expense of your constituents’ health. Planned Parenthood’s services are a critical component of community-based care for thousands of Maryland women and their families, and they are counting on you to protect their access to health care.


Do not let the very dysfunction your administration so often criticizes come to Annapolis. Please speak today against fringe tactics and commit to funding Planned Parenthood in your FY2017 budget.


Delegate Ariana Kelly (District 16)

Delegate Shelly Hettleman (District, 11)

Delegate Edith Patterson, (District 28)

Delegate Steve Lafferty (District 42A)

Delegate Ben Barnes (District 21)

Delegate Pete Hammen (District 46)

Delegate Barbara Frush (District 21)

Delegate Sandy Rosenberg (District 41)

Delegate Joseline Pena-Melnyk (District 21)

Delegate Luke Clippinger (District 46)

Delegate Tawanna Gaines (District 22)

Delegate Dan Morhaim (Districct 11)

Delegate Alonzo Washington (District 22)

Delegate Mary Washington (District 43)

Delegate Karen Lewis Young (District 3A)

Delegate Brooke Lierman (District 46)

Delegate Erek Barron (District 24)

Delegate Dana Stein (District 11)

Delegate Angela Angel (District 25)

Delegate Maggie McIntosh (District 43)

Delegate Dereck Davis (District 25)

Delegate Ben Brooks (District 10)

Delegate Kris Valderrama (District 26)

Delegate Eric Ebersole (District 12)

Delegate Darryl Barnes (District 25)

Delegate Frank Turner (District 13)

Delegate Jimmy Tarlau (District 47A)

Delegate Cheryl Glenn (District 45)

Delegate Anne Kaiser (District 14)

Delegate Vanessa Atterbeary (District 13)

Delegate David Fraser-Hidalgo (District 15)

Delegate Adrienne Jones (District 10)

Delegate Craig Zucker (District 14)

Delegate Nathaniel Oaks (District 41)

Delegate Kathleen Dumais (District 15)

Delegate Patrick Young (District 44B)

Delegate Eric Luedtke (District 14)

Delegate Clarence Lam (District 12)

Delegate Aruna Miller (District 15)

Delegate Cory McCray (District 45)

Delegate C.William Frick (District 16)

Delegate Keith Haynes (District 44A)

Delegate Kumar Barve (District 17)

Delegate Antonio Hayes (District 40)

Delegate Marc Korman (District 16)

Delegate Jay Jalisi (District 10)

Delegate Jim Gilchrist (District 17)

Delegate Curt Anderson (District 43)

Delegate Al Carr, Jr.  (District 18)

Delegate Shane Pendergrass (District 13)

Delegate Andrew Platt (District 17)

Delegate Terri Hill (District 12)

Delegate Ana Sol Gutierrez (District 18)

Delegate Barbara Robinson (District 40)

Delegate Ben Kramer (District 19)

Delegate Marice Morales (District 19)

Delegate Sheila Hixon (District 20)

Delegate Charles Barkley (District 39)

Delegate Jeff Waldstreicher (District 18)

Delegate Bonnie Cullison (District 19)

Delegate David Moon (District 20)

Delegate Kirill Reznik (District 39)

Delegate Shane Robinson (District 39)

Delegate Diana Fennell (District 47A)

Delegate Will Smith (District 20)

Senator Karen Montgomery (District 14)

Senator Brian Feldman (District 15)

Senator Susan Lee (District 16)

Senator Cheryl Kagan (District 17)

Senator Richard Madaleno, Jr. (District 18)

Senator Roger Manno (District 19)

Senator Jamie Raskin (District 20)

Senator Nancy King (District 39)

Senator Bill Ferguson (District 46)


Friday round-up 9/25/2015

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Message from the Chair

Democrats believe in protecting voting rights. Republicans don’t. GOP-led legislatures across the country have reduced early voting to disenfranchise minority and low income voters. The Maryland GOP is catching on – Larry Hogan’s hand-picked election official led the fight to move the early voting center that serves Montgomery County’s highest concentration of minority and low income voters to a more affluent suburb ten miles away. Democrats are fighting back. Click here to sign our petition.


More than 40 grassroots activists came together last Saturday for MDP’s social media training. Thanks to Congressman John Sarbanes’ campaign team for conducting the training and County Executive Kevin Kamenetz for welcoming the crowd. MDP’s fundraising training is coming up on Saturday, October 17. Click here to register.


Right wing radicals on Capitol Hill are poised to shut down the federal government less than one week from today. When the GOP throws a punch at Planned Parenthood, they’re going to hit tens of thousands of Marylanders who work in and around the federal government – and Larry Hogan isn’t doing anything to stop his party from taking us over this cliff.


Thank you for all that you do to keep our Party great!


Until next week,

Bruce Poole




Some outraged by decision to replace early voting sites. Following the national GOP-playbook, Larry Hogan’s hand-picked election official moved to disenfranchise minority and low income voters in Montgomery County by moving early voting locations out of their communities.


FAA fines BWI chief’s former airport for lapses on his watch. Larry Hogan hired Ricky Smith to run BWI without conducting a national search. Smith failed to tell anyone that the airport he used to run was under federal investigation for failing to keep its runways safe.


Reefer madness in Anne Arundel. Calling CE Steve Schuh’s plan to ban medical marijuana facilities “alarmist, prejudicial” and “probably illegal,” the Sun’s ed board stands up for cancer and AIDS patients in Anne Arundel County.


Is Ben Carson for real? Center Maryland columnist Laslo Boyd asks: “What will Carson’s candidacy accomplish?” And answers: “Carson’s run for the nomination is tarnishing what was once a truly shinning reputation. He has managed the incredible feat of transforming himself from an admired saver of lives to a bit player in a traveling carnival.”


Democratic lawmakers urge passage of a clean budget. Warning of catastrophic impact on the region’s economy, 46 lawmakers from Virginia and Maryland urged congressional leaders to avoid a shut down. That’s more leadership on the issue than Marylanders have seen from Larry Hogan.


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