The RNC has come under fire today for a document that leaked out of their recent meeting in Florida. Most at issue was a slide that portrayed Barack Obama and other Democrats in unflattering ways. But we think certain Marylanders (or at least one) are taking note today of what was not in that document.

On page 19 of the RNC document Steele and the RNC go through their targets in the 2010 gubernatorial elections. They seem confident about a lot of states – everything from Maine to New Mexico, Oregon to Tennessee, Michigan to Oklahoma, Wyoming to Ohio… OK, you get our point.

Noticeably absent… Maryland. In fact, Maryland was one of only three Democratic-held states the RNC is NOT targeting (New Hampshire and Arkansas being the other two).

With Bob Ehrlich an all but announced candidate for Governor, you would think he merits at least a mention? I mean, he is a former Governor, right?

Apparently not.

We could talk about why the RNC doesn’t think Ehrlich can win. Maybe it’s his embarrassing fiscal record. Maybe it’s his special interest ties. Maybe it’s his work ethic. But honestly, today we just feel sad for Bob Ehrlich. Snubbed by his Lieutenant Governor with the Ides of March just around the corner.

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2 Responses to “Et Tu Michael? Steele and National Republicans Snub Ehrlich In RNC Targeting”

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  2. […] his body of work doesn’t even qualify him for a play-in game, especially with all of his bad home losses.  As governor, Ehrlich often seemed unfocused, disinterested, even lazy, like the time he missed a […]

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