Today, the Maryland Democratic Party took immediate and decisive action and demanded the withdrawal of Wendy Rosen as nominee for US Representative in the 1st Congressional District after allegations of electoral law violations were brought to our attention.

In addition, at my direction, the Maryland Democratic Party submitted a letter to the Attorney General and State Prosecutor outlining all information regarding the alleged violations.

Any effort to corrupt or misuse the electoral process is reprehensible, wrong and must not be tolerated.

Per Maryland law, the Maryland Democratic Party will designate an alternate nominee to the State Board of Elections following a vote by the local Democratic Central Committees in the 1st Congressional District. The Party remains committed to ensuring that the voices of all Marylanders are represented and we maintain the highest commitment to the law and the Democratic process.

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3 Responses to “Statement on Wendy Rosen from Maryland Democratic Party Chair Yvette Lewis”

  1. Rocky says:

    Gee, that’s funny because when Republicans try to stop voter fraud, you complain and play the race card!

  2. Augusta Christensen says:

    Please explain to me how an ID law would have solved this issue. No seriously, I’m incredibly curious, can’t wait to hear your answer. 

  3. adnull29 says:

    Voter ID (aka poll tax, Jim Crow, etc) would not stop this from happening. It should have been found out during the vetting process.  There’s no reason for this to happen in the information age.

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